The Role of Libraries and Archives in Disaster Preparedness, Response and Research. Call for Poster Presentations.

30 May – 3 June 2011
naissance Tampa International Plaza Hotel

Disaster preparedness


Important Dates

Submission of Abstracts                                   31 January 2011

Notification of Acceptance/Rejection                                  28 February 2011

Final submission due                                             29 April 2011

Early bird conference registration                         28 February 2011

The President of the Association of Caribbean University, Research, and Institutional Libraries (ACURIL), Ms. Ardis Hanson, kindly invites you to submit your paper for the forthcoming conference held in Tampa, Florida, 30 May – 3 June 2011.

This Call for Poster Presentations is open to all information specialists including librarians, archivists, record administrators and educators in the field of information science, as well as information providers.

Conference program

The theme of this year’s conference is The Role of Libraries and Archives in Disaster Preparedness, Response and Research. In this conference, we seek to explore strategies and practices relevant to all aspects of disaster management for Caribbean libraries and archives. Poster presentations contributions to the program therefore can either have the purpose of knowledge dissemination or have the purpose of knowledge development; and/or skills development..

To effectively explore the conference theme, three broad subject areas have been chosen as sub-themes for ACURIL 2011.

Program subthemes

  • libraries and how we cope with disasters  (Tuesday)
  • the role of libraries in the community vis-à-vis disasters (Wednesday)
  • the role of libraries in disaster research (Thursday)

What is a Poster Presentation?

The aim of the poster presentation is to provide opportunities to share experiences. It is, therefore, a presentation in a poster board that advertises a service, a product, a topic, a research endeavor. It allows viewers to walk by and observe a particular work being presented, discuss and share ideas.

At ACURIL XLI Tampa, Florida, the poster sessions will aim to provide a forum for information professionals to highlight and share successful ideas and experiences with colleagues by presenting a research study, a special project, a problem-solving strategy, an innovative program or service in library and /or information services focusing on the conference sub-topics.  Bulletin boards will be provided to display the posters.  Presenters will be required to bring finished displays to Tampa, Florida.

Topic guidelines

  • Posters will be presented from Monday, May 31 through June 3, 2011.
  • Poster presentations must address any of the sub-themes of the conference.
  • The poster display should include a statement of the theme or problem, objectives of the research, project or idea being presented, the methodology used to solve the problem or implement the program, the major findings or outcomes and their significance, and conclusions.

How to Submit a Poster Proposal Abstract

The dealine for poster board presentation abstract is January 31, 2011.

Poster presentations can be in any of the three official languages of ACURIL: English, Spanish or French.

Proposals may be submitted by e-mail or hard copy.  Proposals must  include:

  • Poster presentation title (in relation to the conference theme)
  • Abstract (200 – 500 words)
  • Name of presenter(s)
  • Position/title of presenter(s)
  • Employer/institutional affiliation(s)
  • Mailing addresses
  • Telephone/fax numbers
  • E-mail

Notification of acceptance of a poster presentation will be made no later than February 28, 2011.  Poster session abstracts will be published in the final program.

Format of Poster Presentations

No electrical support or Internet connections are available in the poster area.  An effective poster presentation must visually demonstrate the key elements or significant points of a theme, product or service related to the conference.

  • The dimensions of posters should be 3 feet wide x 4 feet high; that is, 36 x 48 inches.
  • Impressions may be in paper, from a Power-Point presentation or common poster characteristics.
  • Screen prints, charts, drawings, photographs, and other graphics along with text, to illustrate the presentation, are encouraged.
  • Lettering should be simple, bold, and easily legible from a distance of four feet.
  • Posters may be accompanied with handouts.
  • All materials to be displayed should be prepared before arrival. Supplies will not be available at the conference site.

Document Format

By April 28, 2011, each presenter must provide one electronic format document. The electronic format document must be sent as a Microsoft Word file (.doc).

Font style:  Times New Roman 11pt
Margins 1″ all around
Page size:  81⁄2 x 11”

Document Headings

Title heading – Times New Roman 12pt, Bold, centered all caps
Sub-headings – Times New Roman 11pt, centered
Name and title, institutional affiliation, e-mail – Times Roman, 11pt, centered.

Sub-headings:   Flush left , bold, regular style.
Paragraph Indentation:  5 spaces from left
Paragraph spacing:    Single

Basic procedures

  • Participants are requested to submit an abstract first.  Following acceptance of the abstract, authors are requested to submit a full paper.
  • All submissions will be reviewed by the ACURIL XLI Program Committee
  • Abstracts will be printed in the Conference Program.

Guidelines for abstract submission

  • Relevance of the contribution to the theme should be explicitly elaborated.
  • Abstracts should have a minimum of 200-500 words
  • Abstracts should be in the prescribed format
  • Abstracts should be, at least, in one of the three official ACURIL languages, being English, Spanish, or French.

Guidelines for poster submission

  • Poster proposals should be submitted as abstracts (same deadline and format)
  • The abstract should be explicit about relevance to the (sub)theme, the workshop/presentation objective, target group and format.


  • Papers should be double-spaced, Times Roman 12 point.
  • Citations should use the American Psychological Association (APA) style manual, 6th ed.

All abstracts and papers should include: title, name of presenter(s), employer and/or institutional affiliation, mailing address(es), e-mail address and telephone number.

We are exploring the possibility of having a special journal issue or edited book with papers from the conference; hence, the emphasis on formal and uniformity on documents.

Should you have any questions about your submission, kindly contact us.


Ms. Ardis Hanson
ACURIL President 2010-2011
The Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Research Library
University of South Florida Libraries
13301 Bruce B. Downs Blvd, Tampa, FL USA 33612

Ms. Margo Groenewoud MA
Chair, Publications Sub-Committee
Local Organizing Committee/
Head Library & Research Services
University of the Netherlands Antilles

Kindly reproduce and distribute copies of this document to other interested persons.
Por favor, reproduzca y distribuya copias de este documento a personas interesadas.
Veuillez communiquer des copies de cette document a d’autres personnes intéressées.

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