Margot Thomas honoured in St. Lucia

In a report by Kayra Williams, of The Star Online, we learned that Local “heroes” were honoured at the launch of the Students of Heroes gallery guiz championship and
imaginative expression project for Eastern Caribbean Schools. The activity was held at the Bay Gardens Hotel on Wednesday, July 2.

The project is a new initiative by Eastern Caribbean Bible Society which aims to help students learn more about icons that would
hopefully inspire them to strive for greatness.

Awardees included Acurilean Margot Thomas from St. Lucia National Archives; business executive Michael Chastaner; George James from the Ministry of Physical Development; Governor General Dame Pearlette Louisy; musician Ronald Boo Hinkson; first blind student of SALCC and UWI Scholar, Jesica Jabobie; past principal for SMC, and Leon Hess, Rupert Ellis; gospel singer Shirley Ann Cyril Mayers; cultural enthusiast Theresa Hall; and businessman Rayneau Gajadhar. There was also an award for The Star Online Hero, publisher Rick Wayne, for his contribution to journalism and sports.

All recipients of “Eagle” awards were, according to facilitators, great examples of living icons that students could look up to. The competition also features a Bible segment that will focus on heroes within the scriptures.

From The Star Online


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