Four students at the University of Puerto Rico Graduate School of Information Sciences and Technologies: Yumarys Polanco-Almonte (Dominican Republic), Cindy Jiménez-Vera (Puerto Rico), Arelys Fernández-Troche (Puerto Rico) and Yadira Avendaño-Avendaño (Mexico), contributed significantly at this conference. Particularly, the members of the ACURIL’s Dream Web Team, presented a three-sessions workshop on Podcasts to participants at the conference. Participants were avid to learn and share. The experience took place in rooms with computers and the event waas very well attended. Lots of of enthusiasm reigned!

In addition, the Team joined the effort of ACURIL’s project CARIBBEANA and conducted 10 interviews of selected information professionals, under the coordination of Dr. Luisa Vigo-Cepeda. Podcasts can be found in ACURILNET’s section http://acuril.uprrp.edu/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=32&Itemid=53

Being a part of ACURIL’s CARIBBEANA Project, interviews will continue dealing with a variety of topics, technological strategies, conducted by different students and colleagues in the Caribbean.

Professionals interviewed at this time are:

Oneida R. Ortiz, ACURIL Executive Secretary 1971-2008, interviewed by Yadira Avendaño-Avendaño.

Stephney Ferguson (Jamaica), Past Library Director of the University of the West Indies, Jamaica; and one of ACURIL’s Past President, interviewed by Cindy Jiménez-Vera.

Adele Merritt Bernard (Trinidad), ACURIL President 2007-2008; Records Administrator of the City of Kinston Cooperative Credit Union Ltd., in Jamaica, interviewed by Cindy Jiménez-Vera.

Lucero Arboleda de Roa (Dominican Republic), Library Director, Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo; and one of ACURIL’s Past President, interviewed by Yumarys Polanco-Almonte.

Barry Baker (Florida, USA), Director of the University of Central Florida Libraries; and ACURIL Finance Committee Chairperson, interviewed by Cindy Jiménez-Vera.

Marisol Florén-Romero (Florida, USA) College of Law Library, Florida international University; and ACURIL Law Content Area Group Chairperson, interviewed by Arelys Fernández-Troche.

Jerome Agboyi (Bahamas) of the Lillian G. Weir-Coakley Public Library, interviewed by Cindy Jiménez-Vera.

Dulce María Núñez de Taveras (República Dominicana), Library Systems Director, of the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra; and a Past Executive Council member, interviewed by Yadira Avendaño-Avendaño.

Almaluces Figueroa-Ortiz (Puerto Rico), Director of the Caribbean Regional Library and Latin American Studies, University of Puerto Rico Library System; and a Past Executive Council member, interviewed by Yadira Avendaño-Avendaño; and,

Ardis Hanson (Florida, USA), Director of The Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute Research Library, University of South Florida; and Institutional Executive Council Member, interviewed by Cindy Jiménez-Vera.

The students, members of the ACURIL Dream Web Team, were distinguished on Friday, June 6, 2008, at the ACURILEANA Evening of Awards with the Young ACURILEANS Stars Award instituted at this Conference. We commend these students for their commitment and dedication towards ACURIL.

Luisa Vigo-Cepeda


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