The e-librarian: Competencies for the new millennium and beyond

Audrey M. Saddler and Maureen Keer-Campbell, from Jamaica, will be presenting this poster session at ACURIL XXXVIII.

Information technology has brought a lot of changes not only to library and information services but also to the roles and expectation of the librarian and information professional. A new information environment has been created, spurred by the internet, which requires new skills in seeking, processing and using information.

Most librarians are actively engaged with information technology in their libraries whether through Integrated Library systems, the provision of access to electronic resources, and participation in social networks. Librarians are required to be proactive, liaising with information technology specialists and system designers to design and evaluate systems for information access that meets the needs of users.

Librarians must therefore equip themselves with the necessary tools either through formal or informal channels to use the technology proficiently. Librarians must become risk takers with the propensity to be flexible; learn quickly and constantly; enable and foster change and work independently.

In highlighting the competencies, of the e-librarian, current online advertisements for professional librarians have been used as the base from which to pull desired technical and behavioural characteristics.

The poster will highlight the following:

• The traditional versus the e-librarian
• Core competencies of the e-librarian
• The systems librarian (e-librarian specialist)
• The infusion of technology related courses in Library schools
• Continuing education opportunities


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