Nominations to ACURIL’s Executive Council 2008-2009

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Important Dates:
Deadline for booking at Conference Hotel May 10, 2008
Conference dates June 1-6, 2008
Conference Registration online


The Nominations Committee, constituted by Vice-President/President-Elect Mrs. Bea Bazile (Guadeloupe), who chairs the Committee, and Council Members: Prof. Pedro Padilla-Rosa (Puerto Rico) and Mrs. Dorkas Bowler (Bahamas) has submitted its official report to the Executive Director and it is hereby presented.

Article VI. Nominations and Elections of Councilors…, Sections 3. It shall be the duty of the Nominating Committee to select a full slate of nominees for the Council… [to complete the 10 Council Members elected by Membership]. The Nominating Committee shall nominate one person to fill each of the vacancies created by the normal conclusion of terms, and shall nominate one additional person for eachCouncil vacancy created by some other cause, such as election to the vice-president, resignation or demise. The Nominating Committee, in nominating members to fill these positions, will bear in mind the desirability of having all language groups represented in Council.

Vacancies in the Executive Council

There will be four (4) vacancies in Council in 2008:

Institutional (2 vacancies)

Carmen Santos-Corrada (Puerto Rico) ends her three years term.
Jane Smith (Suriname) ends her three years term.

Associations (1 vacancy)

Marie-Laure Abinne ends her three years term.

Personal Members (1 vacancy)

Margot Thomas ends her one year term. (She was re-elected for one more year term in 2007).

The Nominations Committee submits the following slate of nominees:

Institutional Members

Eleuterio Ferreira-Calderón, Universidad Católica Tecnológica del Cibao, República Dominicana

Stéphane Radjouki, Médiathèque Caraïbe, Guadeloupe


Suzy Duport, Association des Amis de la Bibliotethèque Departamentale de Prêt, Guadeloupe

Personal Members

Ronny Alders (Aruba)

For voting purposes, refer to the Constitution and By-Laws, Article II, Section. 4, Rights and Privileges of Members (See ACURILNET: The Chief Administrative officer of an institutional (or organization) member is the representative or delegate of the institution or organization.

If another staff member is designated as delegate, this person must present a letter stating such delegation to the ACURIL Secretariat and/or the Registration officer of the Conference, to be entitled to the Conference fees and other privileges. I addition, the institution must be in good standing. For clarification and/or additional information, please contact ACURIL’s Executive Director < >; 787-790-8054; P.O. Box 23317, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00931-3317


Adele Merritt-Bernard, President, Jamaica Library and Information Association ;

Bea Bazile, Bibliothèque Departamentale de Prêt de la Guadeloupe

Pedro Padilla-Rosa, Immediate Past President, Law Library, University of Puerto Rico

Oneida R. Ortiz, Executive Director

Ileana Rosa-Sotomayor, Treasurer

Mariano Morales-Lebrón, Parlamentarist, Emeritus Librarian, University of Cincinnati/ACURIL , Past President

Institutional Members

Ardis Rita Marie Hanson, The Louis de la Parte Library, Mental Health Institute, University of

Carmen Santos-Corrada, Conrado Asenjo Library, University of Puerto Rico, Medical
Sciences Campus

Jane W. Smith, University Library Anton de Kon, Suriname

Elizabeth Pierre-Louis, Fondation Conaissance et Liberte/Open Society Institute, Haiti

Judith Rogers, University Library, University of the Virgin Islands, St. Croix

Association Members

Marie-Laure Abinne, Documentation et Lecture en Guadeloupe

Dorcas Bowler, Bahamas Library Association

María de los Ángeles Lugo, Sociedad de Bibliotecarios de Puerto Rico,

Personal Member

Margot Thomas, St. Lucia National Archives Authority

Special Guests

Astrid J. T. Britten, Past President, Biblioteca Nacional de Aruba

Luisa Vigo-Cepeda, Chairperson, ACURIL Publications and Public Relations Committee;
Graduate School of Information Sciences and Technologies, University of Puerto Rico;


ARCHIVES AND RECORDS MANAGEMENT Margot Thomas, National Archives
Authority of St. Lucia

ACADEMIC LIBRARIES Barry Baker, University of Central Florida Libraries


SPECIAL LIBRARIES Ardis Rita Marie Hanson, The Louis de la Parte Library, Florida Mental
Health Library, University of South Florida

NATIONAL AND PUBLIC LIBRARIES Annette Smith, National Library Services of Barbados,

RESEARCH IN THE FIELD Luisa Vigo-Cepeda, Graduate School of Information Sciences and
Technologies, University of Puerto Rico ;

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES Liz M. Pagán-Santana, Agriculture Experiment Station, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus

STUDENTS ROUNDTABLE Yumaris Polanco-Almonte ;
Yadira Avendaño-Avendaño

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