ACURIL’s Alma Jordan Scholarship 2008 Announcement and Application Form

E-Librarian: Ideas, Innovation and Inspiration
E-Bibliotecario: Ideas, Innovación e Inspiración
E-Bibliothécaire: Idées, Innovation et Inspiration

Conference Host: Library & Information Association of Jamaica

Site: Rose Hall Resort, Montego Bay
Deadline for booking: May 10, 2008
Online Reservation:

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The Alma Theodora Jordan Scholarship 2008
Deadline: 9 May 2008

The vision of the Association of Caribbean University, Research and Institutional Libraries (ACURIL) is to be the leading regional organization in the information sector, with a motivated and united membership, a strong administrative and organizational support structure, and an effective program of activities to strengthen this leadership role.

In building on the strengths of, and recognizing the challenges posed by the multilingual, cultural diversity of the Caribbean region, ACURIL seeks among other goals: to sponsor professional development programs. With this specific goal in mind, ACURIL formalized its Scholarship Program on November of 2003, in order to establish different types of Scholarships. The Alma Theodora Jordan Scholarship is the first one instituted Dr. Alma Theodora Jordan, Trinidadian by birth, with a doctorate in librarianship from Columbia University in the United States, and past Director of the Library of The University of the West Indies in St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago, was the first President of ACURIL, from 1969-1970.

Under her presidency she stimulated collaboration among university and research libraries, and the continuing education of information professionals. Her leadership role stimulated and contributed to the growth of the Association.

Purpose of the Scholarship: The ultimate purpose of this financial assistance is to fund the attendance of one person, from each of the following language areas: English, Spanish, French and Dutch, with the registration fee to attend an ACURIL annual conference, this time ACURIL XXXVIII-JAMAICA, 1-6 June 2008.

Criteria for Selection:
1. All applicants must be recent Caribbean information specialists (2 years or less in the profession), or a student in library and information sciences in the region.
2. All applicants must be members of ACURIL.
3. Applicants must submit the completed application form enclosed, and include an essay on the theme of the ACURIL conference which he or she will attend. The statement must express why the applicant seeks the scholarship and how he or she wil benefit from the attendance.
4. The essay must be submitted in an electronic document, through e-mail; in Microsoft word; Font: Times New Roman; in 4-5 pages (8 1/2 by 11 inches); 1,000 to 1,500 words; double spaced.
5. Deadline for submission this year will be 9 May 2008
6. Selection of recipients will be made by the ACURIL Alma Jordan Scholarship Committee, and announcements of selected participants will be made this year by 15 May 2008. Send applications to any of the Scholarship Committee Members.

Alma Theodora Jordan Scholarship Committee 2008
Domingo Casado: , Chairperson
Bea Bazile:
Adele Merritt Bernard:
Pedro Padilla-Rosa

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The Alma Theodora Jordan Scholarship 2008
Deadline: 9 MAY 2008


Applicant’s Name:________________________________________
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[ ] Student [ ] Information Professional (Select only one)

Name of Institution where enrolled and its address:

Employer’s name and address:

Please state your reason for attending the conference (as it relates to the theme of the conference) and the long-term benefits you envision. Kindly attach the essay: The document must be submitted electronically, through e-mail; in Microsoft word; Font: Times New Roman; in 4-5 pages (8 1/2 by 11 inches); 1,000 to 1,500 words; double spaced.

Applicant’s signature __________________________ Date:____________

Send application to the 2008 ACURIL’s Alma Jordan Scholarship Committee Member in your language area:

Domingo Casado: , Chairperson
Bea Bazile:
Adele Merritt Bernard
Pedro Padilla-Rosa

For ACURIL’s Scholarship Committee’s Use Only

Committee’s Comments:

Members names and signatures:

Approval: [ ] Yes [ ] No Date:________________

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Be part of a learning community of information professionals in the Caribbean. Join ACURIL and Connect yourself to other colleagues in the region to share ideas and experiencies. Contact the Membership Committee Chair, Claudette de Freitas,, the Executive Secretary Oneida R. Ortiz, 787-790-8054, or one of ACURIL Council Members.

Luisa Vigo-Cepeda ;

Editorial Team
Barry Baker
Bea Bazile
Adele Merritt Bernard
Dulce Maria Núñez de Taveras
Oneida R. Ortiz
Pedro Padilla-Rosa

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University of Puerto Rico
P.O. Box 21906, UPR Station
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